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Art Class: 

Students will draw, paint and sculpt using a variety of materials and techniques to develop their artistic skills and create original works of art. Classes will run weekly, according to age and skill level with projects designed to develop students’ creativity, self-expression, and artistic ability. 


Performance Class

Performance Band is an essential part of Groove Culture. Founder TC Dolgin believes that students should not only play and learn music, but also perform it. Playing in a band gives students the opportunity to learn the language of music, which ultimately develops the important skills of working and  collaborating within a group. Together the students develop their creative voice in a safe, happy and respectful environment where they can build lasting friendships and encourage each other while having fun. Bands will preform multiple shows in front  of live audiences in a variety of local venues!

  Lil Groovers  

Lil' Groovers is a class created for kids 6 and up who are just beginning on their musical path. We believe part of a child's success with playing a musical instrument is for them to play one that they feel passionate about. This is a fun class that introduces a broad variety of instruments to our students, giving them a hands on opportunity to demo them all!!! Each week the class focuses on a different instrument: drums / guitar & bass/ strings / piano/ voice/ brass & woodwinds. Class runs once a week for six weeks.

 Beginning Guitar

Beginning guitar or bass students will learn the basics of their instrument, including chords, strumming, picking, and single note lines. Students will learn the basics of instrument care, tuning, posture, and complete guitar playing essentials, using a variety of songs to apply these skills. An emphasis is placed on having fun while learning! Students will performed for family on the last day of class.  

Learn to play the Uklulele! Students will learn basics of the Ukulele through learning a varity of songs. Kids will perform the songs they learn at the end of the course. Class runs once a week for 8 weeks. 

  Ukulele Band 
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